Fresh Start Program

Are you still waiting to Cash in on your Passion? Isn't it time to Start Your Own Business? Isn't it time you Got the Education you need to succeed?

Put your dream to work and give yourself the advantage you need to succeed.

When you join Launch Like a Pro! From Vision to First Customers in 100 Days , you get a full spectrum small business accelerator led by active, experienced entrepreneurs for creative entrepreneurs. 

Strategies, technical tutorials, marketing and sale lessons, and answers to burning questions, all at your fingertips, jammed packed with everything you need to know to go from idea to first customers in 100 Days!


Only you can TAKE ACTION
to Change Your Life !

Here is what you get!

  • For all Live Programs you can bring a friend for NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE
  • Live Coaching Calls with open mike to ask questions and get coaching

  • coaching calls

    Each Week there is a Live coaching call on a BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT topic. 

    All calls are recorded for our library and sent to each registered member for your convenient, future listening and at-your-own-pace learning.  

    Calls Cover:  

    Business Structures

    How to Build an Email List

    How to Create a Landing Page with an Opt-in Box

    How to Start a Blog, format it, and publish it on a schedule

    How to Design a Compelling Offer

    Which Business Model Will Work Best for Your Business 

    Revealing Your Ideal Customer

    Marketing Design - Educating and Building Trust

    Relationship Sales - Life Long Customers Who Refer 

    Work Habits that Work!  

    Getting Visible (even for you shy folks)

    Bold Actions and Dealing With Fear

    video library

    Direct access to our juicy Video Library is available 24/7.  There are 100+ hours of exceptional  videos, led by experts in their fields, all available to you in 8 Mission Critical Educational Modules: 

     #1  Business by Design

    #2   Discover You

    #3  Financing Your Dream

    #4  Branding and Marketing 

    #5 Lifelong Customers Who Refer

    #6 Going Global

    #7 Legal-ease 

    #8 Just for You! 

    community support

    One of the hardest aspects of being an entrepreneur is the isolation of working alone.  

    No matter how independent we are, at times we all need, really need, nurturing, and reminders that you can do it!!  


     Results Teams 

     Monthly Q&A Calls 

     Private Facebook Groups

    Our private Facebook group give you connections to the group during the day to get feedback, share accomplishments and stay connected,  empowered, and inspired!

    "Tawn is so patient and explains things I have never understood so that I can go do them… she is a gifted teacher and I finally tried things I have been terrified to do and they WORKED! The program works! "

    Gretchen H.

    "If you are just meeting Tawn, just do it! I have more confidence and I was able to quit my day job within a few months of starting the program! I was scared but I followed the program and it worked! I now have a business I can do from anywhere, a dream I thought would never really happen for me. "

    Tommy S.

    "I was struggling to understand how to get started. I knew my idea would work but putting it all together and how to start selling was a real challenge for me and Tawn helped me to create a marketing strategy that got us our first customers within a few months of starting our business! A year later we are still growing strong and even have part time help! Thank you so much for all you’ve given us! "

    Kelly B.

    Still Undecided? FREE Business Explosion Coaching Session

    You will leave your FREE session renewed, re-energized, inspired, and crystal clear what actions to take next to start and grow your business.


    Modules after Fresh Start!

    Strategy + Focus = Boom!

    A 13 Session Program for developing a growth strategy for doubling your revenue in 12 months. 

    Designing an Annual Growth Strategy is critical to actual growth!   Success is as much mindset as it is about the actions you take... 


    The Foundation for Results (c)

    Structures for Success(c)

    Developing Habits that Win



    Relationship Based Marketing = Effectiveness

    A 13 Session Program to develop your marketing strategy. 

    Marketing is perhaps the most crucial, yet perplexing facet of running a business. Your success relies on knowing how and where to market! You put your heart into your business, now put your heart into promoting it! Market With Heart is a one-day live training program that will show you how to put passion into your marketing technique.



    Designing Games That Cause Breakthrough Results!

    A 13 Session Program for understanding the nature of Breakthrough Technologies and setting up a Structure for Success (c) and playing it out in intensives.


    "You changed my life! I am thinking about things I did not even know to think about! Thank you so much for all you’ve done to help me! "

    Lise Yale

    "I think Tawn is a Business Goddess! She has kept us from making mistakes as we changed our business model and doubled our revenue… I will stay with her as long as she is coaching! "

    Katadyn C.

    "I can’t thank you enough for everything you taught me. I thought we were going to have to go out of business after 13 years, but Tawn showed me how to manage my business to keep more revenue and have less stress at the same time! I don’t know what I would have done without her! "

    Carole M.

    Meet Tawn

    Tawn is a strong believer in making the world a better and living a life that is worth giving her heart and soul to. She is actively creating and offering environments for collaborative design and discoveries that free up humanity for our next evolution. I believe that the next 20 years will give us truly profound cultural shifts, as profound as the discovery of North America. However, we have to create these cultural shifts right where we are… in places where there are already cultures in place.

    She has spent most of her life studying and will continue her entire life.  She studied with Dr. Fernando Flores for 6 years and had the privilege of working directly with him for those 6 years as well. He taught a rigorous 3 year program called the Ontological Design Course, as well as several weekend workshops. Humberto Maturana and Francisco Varella who, together, won the Nobel Prize in biology for their work on autopoesis, as laid out in the Tree of Life, Michael Graves, Stuart and Herbert Dreyfus, Peter Drucker, were just a few of the amazing teachers of the conferences. I proudly hold a certificate in Ontological Design as a Masters level program.


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