Develop Your Business Strategy, Work Habits and Focus, and Leveraging Your Imagination for 2022

100 Day Business Growth Intensive especially for Creative Entrepreneurs

Discussions will include: 

Strategic planning for a year

Developing your focus to achieve your goals

Action planning to develop powerful business growth habits

How to express your vision in a compelling way

Confidence in your own ability to produce out-of-the-ordinary results, on a schedule, without suffering or stress

ALL while creating powerful content for your customers and potential customers! 

I am so Ready!

What's Included:

Strategies and Tutorials

Everything about Developing a Strategic Growth Plan for 2022

all in a Live Webinar Format where you can ask questions!   

Topics include:    

Exposing Work Habits that Undermine/Sabotage Your Growth

Managing Distractions

Explore Other Ways to Expand Your Impact and Profits

Structuring Your Business for Scaling

Business Model Review

How to Create Value and Impact

Getting Beyond Your Comfort Zone


Unparalleled Strategy Design 

Success Mindset

Why are you  struggling with meager results?   Why are you working so hard and getting no where?   

The biggest challenge all entrepreneurs face is not being able to see  "Who we are being" that is sabotaging our results.    

We cannot see our subtle (and sometimes NOT SO SUBTLE) behaviors that stop our growth and undermine our success!

So we work harder, longer, and get more determined, and/or more in debt, and/or think about quitting!   


Success Community

The isolation that happens when you work from home, solo-preneur or mom-preneur, can be very self defeating.   There is no one to help you over the rough spots, no one to bounce ideas off of, no one to help celebrate wins!   

Structures for Success(c)

  Weekly Live Coaching call

  Accountability Partner 

  Monthly Q&A Call 


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